CrossFit DSF
The Friendly Gym

Why DSF?
 Some would say the community, others would say the coaches, or the workouts, or the fact that it’s fun and challenging. 

If you ask our members they’d tell you that it’s all inclusive and that everyone is welcome. They’d tell you that it’s really cool to see a 10 year old on one side of the gym and a 70 year old on the other.

Ask anyone one of our members and the answer is different every time, because everyone has their own individual needs, and we tailor our workouts, our coaching style, and our relationships to each and every individual. Your fitness journey is all about you.
How Do I start?
At DSF we offer a variety of options to get you started. We want to eliminate as many barriers as we can for you.

Option 1: 
Join right into our regular classes. Did you know that everyone is welcome to come and try a free class? Book yours today!

Option 2: 
Our optional group beginners class. This is great if you feel nervous about trying CrossFit for the first time, if you've never been in a gym before, or if you've been out of the gym for a long time and need to ease back into it. These run once a month, twice a week, for three weeks.

Option 3:
 One-on-One Beginners sessions. If our regular group beginner class times don't work for you, we offer beginner sessions in the form of personal training session with one of our qualified coaches. These sessions are scheduled around you and your availability. 
Small Group Classes
We keep our class sizes limited to 12. This allows for coaches to keep workouts and coaching customizable to each individual athlete. 
Individualized programming and coaching = results. 
Kids and Teen Classes
We offer kids programs for ages 10-14. Classes are run by a qualified coach with a background and police check. Kids have fun and learn to skills in a positive, safe, and fun environment. We also offer a 1 hour after school class for teens ages 14-17.
Nutrition Coaching
We offer remote individualized nutrition coaching. You don't need to be a member of CrossFit DSF to use our Nutrition coaching services.
Personal Training
Group Classes aren't for you? That's ok, they aren't for everyone.

We offer Personal Training with qualified trainers to help guide you to your specific goals.
What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting of a variety of movements, a variety of different stimuli, and a variety in types of cardiovascular training.

This means that each day we are working on a different movement, we aim for a different workout stimulus, and we change up our style of cardio between interval training, intense sprint training, or endurance training. 
Is CrossFit for me?
CrossFit is “for everyone” and CrossFit is “scalable. You can scale anything!”

How many times have you heard that? And how many times have you thought “what the heck does that even mean? All I see is muscly 20 something guys and girls doing crazy things on gymnastics rings and throwing heavy barbells over their head. That’s intense.”

That is true. The sport of CrossFit is intense and not really for everyone. However, what we do within the four walls of the gym really is for everyone and really is scaleable.

When we say CrossFit is for everyone and scaleable to all levels, we mean that it doesn’t matter what movement we are working on in the gym - there is a way for us to break down the movement for every individual in such a way that you work on the parts of the movement that YOU need to work on. Everyone is given movement options that they can work on at home or in their own time to improve on these movements. 

At DSF we keep our class sizes small to maintain the feel of small group personal training. Every participant in class gets attention from the coach during every class. 

"By far the best gym experience I have ever had! You are pushed do better, lift heavier and go further then you ever thought you would be able to. If you want to push yourself and see some real improvements, this is the gym for you!"  

Jon Mains
Hands down the best personal training and friendliest gym around. I don't care if you are 15 or 90, overweight or outta shape, fitness buff or looking to meet people....this is the place for you. You are guaranteed to fall in love with fitness and your new friends!
Darla Giles
Membership Pricing

1 Year Unlimited CrossFit Classes

$140 + HST Monthly

6 Months Unlimited CrossFit Classes 

$160 + HST Monthly

3 Months Unlimited CrossFit Membership

$175 + HST Monthly

Drop in Fee

$20 + HST
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